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Laos has remained relatively untouched in terms of western  development in this region nestled between Vietnam and Thailand.

A Real Asian Experience: Laos has survived the rapid development of some of its neighbors in a time when most countries  would welcome such economic growth from tourism. It has a relatively small town atmosphere, even in the capital city of Vientiane, and outside of the city it is like taking a step back in time.

A Rainbow of Tribes:  Laos is really a nation of villages and ethnic peoples. The northern H’mong people live off the land in the cool mountains, while the Katang villagers find shelter in the central jungle area of the country. Further south, the Kahu and Alak tribes make their homes on stilts to defend against flooding, and tattoo their faces to keep their traditional  body art culture alive.

A Land of Jungle:  Because of its high percentage of forested area, Laos is becoming a premier spot for ecotourism. You can trek in the mountains, or walk under the canopy below in natural splendor thanks to the government’s eco initiative. The small communities are scattered among old growth forests, allowing a great opportunity for a village homestay.

Something for Everyone : Whether you like caving or rock climbing on highland karsts, Laos will not disappoint. Spot rare species of birds and animals, or hike to ancient temples which dot the countryside. For a more tranquil visit, enjoy a relaxing massage or yoga class.

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